Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an oxygen bar?
A....An oxygen bar dispenses 92% pure oxygen mixed with popular aromatherapies and assorted aromas.

Q. What's the other 8%?
A....Nitrogen and other trace gases normally found in the air.

Q. How much oxygen is in the air that we normally breathe?
A....About 19% to 21%.

Q. What are the benefits of oxygen?
A....For more information on the benefits and facts about oxygen, click here.

Q. How does it work? What do I do?
A....Customers are seated. One end of a disposable nasal cannula or "nose hose"
is attached to the oxy/aroma unit, the other is placed in the nostrils and looped
behind the ears to secure. Customers are instructed to inhale deeply through the
nose and exhale from the mouth.

Q. What types of scents can I choose from?
A....View the list of aromatherapy and fun fragrances here!

Q. How will I feel afterwards? What will it do for me?
A....Oxygen bars combine pure oxygen with elements of aromatherapy for an uplifting, refreshing and positive experience. People throughout the world are discovering the joys of oxygen bars. Users report an increased sense of energy
and relaxation, hangover relief, improved stamina, improved mental clarity, relief from stress, and feeling more awake.

Q. How much does it cost?
A....Our prices are as follows

5 minutes - $ 6
10 minutes - $10
20 minutes - $18

Repeat customers:

Bring your "nose hose" back for $1 off your next session.