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Bath Crystals, Scent Inhalers, Essential Oils & more!

Aromatherapy Body Lotions, Mists and Bath Salts, Red Dragon Tattoo Treatment & more!

Aromatherapy Oxygen Scents:

  • Chillin' (eucalyptus)

  • Vanilla Bean (vanilla extract)
  • Relax (juniper berry)
  • Purity (lemongrass)
  • Uplifting (peppermint & wintergreen)
  • Zen (rosemary & mint)
  • Cloud Lime
  • Ocean Mist (lotus blossom, black currant, aquatic flower)
  • Peppermint Stick (peppermint)
  • Fresh (cranberry)
  • Calming (lavender & tangerine)
  • Chocolate Covered Cherries

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O2Fresh! uses only
Oasis Brand Oxy/Aromas.

These aromas are water-based, non-toxic, all natural solutions that include water-soluble, pure herbal extracts & concentrated blends for use with oxygen bars. No synthetic oils or synthetic preservatives are ever used.

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